cropped-img_e5703.jpgDomo Communications is a content and event production agency based in Los Angeles, providing support to U.S. and Japanese businesses in their respective new markets.  Simply explained, we focus on making your plan succeed!

Our capabilities include:

  • Project Coordinating
  • Trade Show and Event Management
  • Translations, Copywriting & Blogs
  • PR and Promotions
  • Market Research
  • Opportunity Contact and Follow-up
  • Staffing & HR Functions
  • Research & Educational Tours

Please let us know if there is any way we can assist you.

Domo Communications is located in the South Bay of Los Angeles, twenty minutes from LAX airport.


More on Strategy and Marketing…

Domo Communications is focused on creating content and tools for the specific business initiatives of our Japanese and U.S. clients as they invest in new, high-potential markets. Our first effort is always to create a roadmap matched to the specific goals and resources of our clients.

The opportunities for business growth and cultural exchange between Japan and the U.S. have never been richer or more varied than they are today, at the end of the second decade of the 21st century, and the beginning of Japan’s Reiwa Era.

Social media offers immense potential to build new bridges to consumer groups in both the U.S. and Japan, but understanding how to communicate with distinct groups using new media and technology is a major challenge.  Analyzing the psychology of Millennials or Generation Xers in their respective cultures is as important as knowing how to create content and deploy media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Youtube. Advertising with Google or Facebook campaigns is painstaking, yet offers the potential to reach huge markets relatively quickly and inexpensively.

We are fully committed to the successful market entry of your product or service!