Attention Street Fighter Fans!

Streetfihter stamps

The Japan Post has just announced the issue of a 30-year anniversary, limited-edition Street Fighter commemorative stamp sheet with original cover print and action figurine. This important announcement (lol) is translated below, and includes the link to the Japan Post NetShop, where the set can be purchased.  (Not available in the U.S.)

“In the 30 years since its launch in 1987, the Street Fighter game series has won legions of fervent fight gamers the world over. Now Japan’s Post Office has announced it is selling collector’s edition Street Fighter stamps and a special Chun Li “red version” figurine. All the characters from the first edition are included on the sheet of ten ¥62 stamps, and the limited edition Chun-Li figure is a reproduction of the 2014 action figure…”

If you know a Street Fighter fan, you might want to grab a Japanese friend (or someone with an address in Japan, for shipping) and visit the NetShop link below.   But don’t blink at the price – it ain’t cheap!


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