Cosplay in LA!

IMG_1792Los Angeles Anime Convention

I did some Lyft driving on July 1, the first day of the Anime Convention, and I had the chance to take a young Marine (yes, USMC) in a mophead silver wig, blue boa and knee boots there, and then pick up a few ladies in full cosplay outfits and return them to Koreatown.  On the ride home the ladies did nothing but talk about gaming strategies – I mean, they were DEEP into it.  Did you ever wonder about the connection between imagination and identity?  For a lot of people identity has less to do with nationality, job, and a family name, and much more to do with imagination, fantasy and friendship.  And why not?

BTW, I snapped a few photos of the crowd while I was stuck in traffic.  The people watching was just excellent!

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